The passion and purpose of Wales

It’s a pyrrhic victory for the French (as we shall see next week). The Welsh are the moral winners because they played with belief, conviction, courage and passion.

The key issue that drives performance is the meaning  one puts onto an event.  The Welsh could have seen the unfair sending off as ‘curtains’ for them – instead, I expect they put a different meaning on the event – one of ‘we now need to prove it’.  The event galvanised the team and gave them a real focus.

Performance is so often linked to belief.  Small little events can then become ‘reference experiences’ that build to a higher belief. For example, just missing the half-line kick by inches could have been used to build a belief that “It’s not our day” (which is a fatal mistake as you disempower yourself).

So why is it pyrrhic for France? Because a little germ of a thought has been planted in their brains – ‘If we were only just able to hold off the Welsh when they had 14 men, how will we fare against the Kiwis/Australia?”

But Wales can build from this ‘failure’ (as many people do in their own lives) if they continue to focus on a positive meaning from it – that of the undying Welsh spirit. The next time they find themselves down they can draw upon this event as a reference experience to build their belief to keep pushing and never giving up.

Today is a day that as an Englishman, I am so deeply proud of Wales.


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