It all started with the Father Christmas lie…

We know the pattern: your children love you unconditionally.  Then they find you embarrassing. Then they don’t like you.  Finally, they decide you may not be perfect, but you are not that bad!

It all started with that Father Christmas lie!  Before then, your child looks up to you as the most perfect loving parent.

To make their lives more exciting we weave this elaborate story about Father Christmas: we write the list and send it up the chimney; on Christmas Eve, we leave out a glass of sherry, a mince pie and a parsnip.  The next day, the sherry and food are half consumed (often helped down by a Rennie!), and a little touch of icing sugar sprinkled on the carpet!

And our beautiful children lap it all up!

Then, around 5, 6 or 7, someone at school blows the secret. At this point your child has the first, sudden realisation that her parents have lied to her – and so the first crack in the aura of parental perfection appears!


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