Sir Philip Green hasn’t got a hope in releasing anything sizeable!

So Sir Philip Green has been drafted in by David Cameron to lead a review of government spending.  That’s the easy part. Anyone with a bit of common sense can clearly see there are large areas of improvement on costs – but that is not – and never has been the issue.

Do we really believe that all the past Chancellors have not looked at this before?  The key issue as always is getting the change to happen that will release the money.  Many of these departments are so institutionalised, with paradigms so deeply embedded that its almost impossible to release the funding as almost everybody in the system will be unconsciously colluding against the change. I don’t have the answer (if I did I would be very rich!) – but probably the best way is to open it up to competitive tendering -as new commercial operators will not be bound by the same paradigms and ways of working.


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